GenZ Staking is a node staking mining pool on CSC(CoinEx Smart Chain), Etherume, Polkadot and many others, which allows users to vote and stake the nodes directly through MetaMask and many other wallets without professional knowledge.

What's Node Staking?

Common chains introduc the PoS mechanism. Nodes staking tokens, and then you can get corresponding mining and gas fee rewards. But this process needs to be done on the command line. The staking to obtain income is the just need of users. So we decided to make GenZ Staking Dashboard the staking mine pools. Through it, you can staking directly in your wallet to obtain income. We have also obtained the official support plan of coins.

Why GenZ Staking?

Staking on GenZ Staking, there are many advantages than stake to node by yourself.

  • Superfluidity - free staked, Earn compounded yields
  • Possibility of earlier redemption
  • Dynamic yield optimization for better staking APY
  • Lower Slashing risk