What is staking and how do I earn with it?

Simply, staking is the act of investing your cryptocurrencies to receive rewards. This is part of PoS protocoles and supposed to be an alternative to the PoW. The staking process is so simple, just follow following steps:


Choose tokens to stake

Choose a token to stake to start earning rewards. GenZ Staking provides simple and safe staking across many networks. We help you to find active and robest networks.


Delegate tokens

Delegate any amount of tokens to our staking pools to start earning rewards and contribute to the security of a network.


Earn rewards

GenZ Staking will utilize the power of blockchain to generate staking yield in your wallet. Start earning rewards from day one.


We invest a lot of time and effort to set up robust validator nodes and put security measures around our nodes. On top of just the infrastructure, we eat our own lunch by having our own tokens staked on our validators. We spend a considerable amount of time doing our due diligence on each blockchain we decide to support.

robust validator nodes in stakefish

Why stake with GenZ Staking?

GenZ Staking provides highly-secure, non-custodial staking infrastructure for portfolio optimization. With expert analysts and dedicated support, P2P guarantees a successful staking experience. All we build and launch are open-source and you are wellcome to check and upgrade.


Stake your assets with GenZ Staking and earn staking rewards from day one. We remove the need for specialized technical knowledge, infrastructure and network control, letting you focus on what matters the most. On the other hand, our tools are so simple to use and launch a new staking pool. We can help you to launch, monitor and maintain your own.

Security & Infrastructure

Our infrastructure was built with maximum security and performance at the forefront. With an average uptime of 99%, GenZ Staking ensures that your rewards are generated continuously whilst mitigating all performance-related risks.

Networks Expertise

Our team provides exhaustive financial analysis to provide support for top-tier staking networks. With an in-house team of analysts, we conduct constant network monitoring so you can enjoy high profitability with peace of mind. Our developers made set of tools for each network. These suits help you to invest like an expert.

Smart Governance

At GenZ Staking we are firm believers in the value of decentralization and we participate in active governance across all supported networks to ensure the interests of the community, as well as our stakers, is supported.

Stake with Us

We operate validators on these projects. Token holders can stake with us to help secure these networks and earn staking rewards. Join the staking ecosystem today with GenZ Staking.

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